Who we are

Agri Plast Kenya Ltd was established in Kenya in 2012. Our products are made from high quality polymer manufactured by high-tech machinery for the East African farming industry.

Our business has the authority of representation from major European suppliers to distribute, market and sell in East Africa including Malawi, Somalia, Ethiopia, Burundi and Southern Sudan. Our main customers comprise of major rose farms in Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia. We work closely with large and small scale greenhouse vegetable farmers all over East Africa.

In addition, we address the farmers requirements and provide advice on suitability of our high quality polythene products. Our Nairobi Warehouse has the capacity to keep stocks of above 1,000,000 metres squared of our high quality polythene products available to the individual customer's specification.

Core Values

Integrity and Honesty

Integrity and honesty are our core values in all our business processes and interactions. We act in integrity and honesty in all our relations with the employees and stakeholders.

Responsibilities Towards Our Employees

We enable our employees to use their personal rights fully and correctly. We approach employees with honesty and fairness; and ensure a non-discriminatory, safe, and healthy working environment.

Customer Satisfaction

We adopt an approach which is focused on customer satisfaction and proactive in responding to customers' needs and demands in an appropriate and timely manner.

Legal Responsibilities

We carry out all our domestic and international activities and procedures within the framework of the laws of the Republic of Kenya and international laws.

Our Suppliers